Serbian for Foreigners - srpski jezik za strance

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Dečanska 2, V sprat, stan 13, Beograd, prikaži na mapi
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8 nedelja
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  • We believe that Serbian for Foreigners courses should be accessible, fun and affordable for anyone who lives, works or studies in Serbia.


    We teach our Serbian for Foreigners courses using our easy to use TALK WITH EASE IN SERBIAN method. This unique method introduces our students to Serbian culture, traditions and customs to help them embrace and enjoy life in our country.

    Queen Victoria Education offers Serbian courses throughout the year. Courses starting at A1 level are offered in group classes, face-to-face tutoring or semi-individual instruction. Class size runs between 3-8 students.

    Our knowledgeable teachers are fluent professionals, with multiple language proficiencies. However, we teach in Serbian, even at A1 level, to fully immerse students in Serbian from the very beginning. We’ll clarify questions in your language, but from day one you’ll be working- and learning- in Serbian. Throughout our courses, students practice with native Serbian speakers of different professional and personal backgrounds to gain real-world experience with the language. Language is primarily taught functionally so that you can use it immediately.

    But your learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door.

    At Queen Victoria Education, we do more than teach Serbian - we immerse our students in the rich spiritual and cultural traditions of Serbia. Located in the heart of Belgrade, Queen Victoria Education organizes field trips and guided tours, hosts traditional food fairs and offers film and literature nights for students. All in Serbian.

    Why … because Serbian is rich language and a gateway all to falling in love with this extraordinary country and its wonderful people.

    You don’t just learn Serbian at Queen Victoria’s: you live it. That is the best way to learn something new, isn’t it?


    Group course prices per person (5-6 students):

              A level - 24 classes (90 min)   360 EUR

              B level - 32 classes (90 min)   480 EUR

        Indicidual classes (90 minutes)

             30 EUR if you take classes two times per week

             28 EUR per class if you take classes three times per week


It is possible to pay for group course in two installments.

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